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La Digue is the fourth largest island of the Seychelles and the third in population density, is located 45 km from Mahé and 7 kilometers from Praslin. The island is famous for its pink granite rocks and the white sandy beaches the most photographed in the world. La Digue is the island that keeps most primitive and pure soul. Here, time seems to stand still, life is marked by slow and calm rhythms. The main means of transport is the bicycle with which you can visit most of the island, in fact La Digue from north to south measuring 5 km and from east to west only 3 kilometers to the south of the island are three of the most beautiful beaches of La Digue Grand Anse, Petit Anse and Anse Coco where the sea without the reef breaks with all the power in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the island. These three beaches are safe for swimming from October to April when the wind blows from the north.


Grand Anse
The Grand Anse Beach in La Digue is about 5 minutes by bike from the guesthouse Zanboza. Suddenly appear before your eyes a superb beachfront greatness and magnificence, where the sand is white and soft like talcum powder, gives the sea a cobalt blue color is unique in the world. This huge beach, frequented by very few tourists, is surrounded by the typical granite rocks typical of this island with coconut palms.

Petit Anse
Once in Grand Anse and left the bike, walk across the beach on your left, or east of La Digue, here follow a trail for about 5 minutes between granite boulders, with a short but steep climb. In down this slope will not believe your eyes. On the downside, below you, there she appears, she is the beach of your dreams. Despite its name this beach of La Digue is anything but small. You think that you are in heaven, completely deserted, perfectly designed by a divine hand, dazzling in its color contrasts, snatch your heart.

Anse Coco
After traveling throughout its length Petit Anse, you will find a path more challenging, but absolutely essential. When you get to Anse Coco La Digue, you will understand what it means to feel alone on an isolated island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Here, weather permitting, do not forget mask and snorkel.

Anse Source D’Argent

To the southwest island of La Digue island, only 5 minutes by bike from the holiday home Zanboza B & B is located the famous Anse Source D’Argent, the most photographed beach in the world. Anse Source D’Argent is a succession of many small beaches and coves, surrounded by pink granite rocks shaped fairy and a dense vegetation, which in turn is immersed in the sea. This beach of La Digue, protected by coral reefs, is an integral part of L’Union Estate, a park where you can visit the huge plantations of vanilla and coconut, see giant tortoises, an ancient cemetery and assist in the production of coconut oil old millstones pulled by oxen.

Anse Severe
Heading towards the north of the island of La Digue, past the town of La Passe, about 15 minutes from the Guesthouse Zanboza, you can pass by cycling the coast northeast, reef-protected up to Anse Banane. Anse Severe enjoys lush vegetation made up of trees and coconut trees takamaka who generously provide shelter from the sun. In this beach on La Digue tides alternate quickly changing the scenario of the beholder.

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